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Instead of boring you with a poorly written entry about why I would never make it as a rapper (probably because my main line would be “PANTIES PANTIES PANTIES PANTIES I’M A RAPPER”) , I will provide you with a “cover piece” that I wrote a few years ago about a friend who worked in a pizza place. Warning: it’s a little on the lengthy side.

Don’t worry though, I’ll be back later this week to write a unique, new, and sub-par entry.

With a blue apron casually slung around his waist, Peter Michaelidis wipes down the last table of the evening prior to heading home. His disheveled dark hair perches on top of a tired face as he slumps into a chair, absentmindedly watching the game on Sports Center. His weariness is warranted—he spent the day feeding swarms of drooling mouths before catering to two separate swim teams. Giving him the chance to temporarily prop his feet up, he savors the repose with a light-hearted grin. Even though he’s spent, his face never betrays anything but bright eyes and a carefree smile.

As he and a fellow employee volley absurd predictions about the football game, one last straggler shuffles into Boston House of Pizza and Peter resumes his position behind the counter. Dr. Don Lucas withdraws his hands from the pockets of his leather jacket and throws one over to Pete, an obvious invitation to shake it. He is a husky and balding trombone professor at Boston University who has been a regular customer at “BHOP” for quite some time. Professor Lucas chuckles giddily when he places his order of steak tips ‘to-go’, nostalgically remembering the days when Peter used him to test new food experiments.

“It’s always amusing to be his guinea pig,” the professor sighed in his Texan drawl. “When he goes off the menu, it gets interesting.”

Blushing a little, the cook tries to stand up for his culinary creations, but instead lets out his notoriously high-pitched giggle as a defense. Peter continues to chuckle as he prepares his prized steak tips and the two banter back and forth over the counter; their most amusing raillery focused on the temperature of Dr. Lucas’ bald head during the cold winter months in Boston and a haircut of Peter’s that went dreadfully wrong. Continue reading


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Resolving to Quit Resolutions

I spent the first day of the new year gettin all my lazy out and it was awesome. That meant that today, however, was supposed to be one of the unlazy variety because everyone knows that if you’re a slob on the first two days of the year, it’s gonna be a BUST. Okay no one actually says that but I’m sure it’s happened before.

Regardless, I didn’t do too much today either but I say “SCREW WHAT OTHER PEEPS ARE SAYIN”, this year is going to be good…I can feel it (amidst the interesting feelings provided by a mixture of salt and vinegar chips and taco bell that are currently saturating my stomach).

In an effort to be somewhat productive, I met with my friend Lala (author of an AWESOME blog entitled “Who Made You Great?” Read and enjoy.) at a nearby coffee shop to discuss our upcoming art show. That’s right, art show. Exhibit, if you will. If I say it here, it means I’m committing to it and I’ll actually have to produce. So yes, we’re having an ART SHOW on JUNE 4th. Venue TBD.

We met and discussed our visions, our styles, our abilities and our need to leave the mindset of “I’m thinking about doing this….” into “I’m doing it.” This is a want/need/desire I’ve had for awhile–to break out of the “do-it-tomorrow” attitude and just DO IT (thanks Nike). It feels good to have the support of a fellow artist and friend who is there to not only produce works of art herself, but to support me and help me along if I stray. (FYI Lala, you’re also supposed to support me and help me along if I stray, not sure if I mentioned it earlier.)

Just as a note, I don’t do New Years resolutions because I tend to fail within a very, very short amount of time. That whole “no coke product thing” never worked because of my somewhat severe addiction to Dr. Pepper. I still bite my nails. And exercise? Sort of a joke (although I AM determined to play tennis once the weather gets warmer ‘cause it’s actually fun). So I don’t want to consider Lala’s and my art show goal a resolution to paint more because I’d almost be setting myself up for failure.

The art show is, then, a date set in stone. If I fail, I will have to deal with the public embarrassment of being a failure. What better motivation is there? None.

So dear readers, go ahead and mark your calendars for June 4th. Either you’ll get to see some awesome pieces of art or you’ll get to harass me for being unable to complete ANYTHING.

Also, leave your email address if you’d like to be added to the “Save the Date” mailing list for the exhibit.


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