about morgan kelley

I’m busy, curious, generally nice. Dr. Pepper/Mr. Pibb is incredible and Coca Cola products are always made better by Chinese food (the opposite is also true).  I’m currently in Boston workin’ for a pretty sweet technology company. Go on, ask me if I know anything about technology. Nope. Just figured out how to work one of those universal remotes the other day.

Unfortunately, I’ve found that it’s very unlikely for me to stick to a schedule. Therefore, I’ll write when something weird, cool, thought-provoking, note-worthy, or ridiculous happens. Note: I have a short attention sp


I'm like, way pensive.


4 responses to “about morgan kelley

  1. James

    OK, so I’m reading this blog entry thinking that Morgan Kelley is some other individual. Why did MM direct me here? Anyway, I thought this Kelley girl can really write. Then I see the Artism link and realize I have been bamboozled! Good job.

  2. I think the name Morgan Kelly suits this website just fine. I’m a fan. Woo Hoo!!

  3. I didnt realize I actually knew another blogger! I kind of thought we were a dying breed haha. I think you express yourself much better than I though 🙂

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