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Serial Slow Dancer

You’d hardly recognize me if you knew me in fourth grade. I was awkward, didn’t know how to dress (umm helllo hand-me-down jorts from broseph), was entirely too nice for my own good, had those super-stylish straight across bangs, and thought I was really good at singing.

Kidding, that’s exactly who I am now, except that I know I can’t sing but I do it anyways, especially while shopping. (Mom: “Morgan, stop it – you’re embarrassing yourself.” Me: “Nope, I believe I am embarrassing yeeeewwww.”)

But let’s go back to fourth grade. Some background info: I’d just gotten my cat, Callie (and after the first night begged my mom to just take her back to the store because she wouldn’t shut up and I needed my damn beauty sleep). I had also just visited Disney World for the first time and came back plastered with temporary tattoos that remained on my body for quite some time because I was incredible at life and terrible at bathing, apparently. I had dreams that involved Billy Ray Cyrus serenading me from the bottom of the staircase, and in my sleeping-but-happy stupor, I may or may not have sleep-walked to the bottom only to realize that life is never that good.  And because I was such a babe, I had no idea how to interact with boys. I know right – hard to believe that this guru on all things relationship-y (relationshitty? Sorry, ma) could have problems – but believe it. Continue reading



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So what if I’m sketchy

People. Peoplepeoplepeoplepeople. They are everywhere, huh.

I took an art class last night where I drew some of these people. What’s special about the art class is (points fer yall who’ve been following along via facebook and know what I’m about to say) that it took place in a pub. A wonderful, dark, seedy, gritty, delicious little pub with stained glass windows, a bunch of nooks, a couple crannies (crannys?), and a man wearing a beret who played a card game against himself. And no, it was not solitaire.

You know what pubs do, right? Yeah, they serve you BEER and you get to DRINK IT and if you take this class, or just like to be weird on your own, you can SKETCH PEOPLE from a DISTANCE, all WHILE THEY EAT/DRINK/ARE MERRY as YOU are SIMULTANEOUSLY EATING AND DRINKING AND BEING MERRY. Excuse my somewhat excessive use of all caps but I can’t be the only person that gets excited about this. They call it “sketching” for a reason…because we’re effing sketchy. Continue reading

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The Beginning

Sometimes you just gotta write. Or you gotta dance. Or you gotta sing. Or you gotta paint, sculpt, or build. Whatever it is you do, sometimes you just gotta do it.

Sometimes it feels like you go forever without having done “your thing” and you just feel a little bit more empty than you should. But then there’s that moment when you’re sitting alone in your room after watching some mildly entertaining French film starring Audrey Taotau (who you may or may not have a huge girl crush on) when you realize that something is missing. Your something is missing.

Maybe it’s Audrey Tautao sparking the romantic in you, pushing you to reach for something you thought didn’t exist anymore or maybe it’s the way the rain is tapping on your bedside window, reminding you that you’ve forgotten something, somewhere. Either way, it doesn’t matter because there you sit, alone on your bed with an unidentifiable source of inspiration that you’re not even sure how to harness.

So you write. Or you dance. Or you sing. Or you paint, sculpt, or build. Whatever it is you do, you do it. And that’s the beginning.


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Instead of boring you with a poorly written entry about why I would never make it as a rapper (probably because my main line would be “PANTIES PANTIES PANTIES PANTIES I’M A RAPPER”) , I will provide you with a “cover piece” that I wrote a few years ago about a friend who worked in a pizza place. Warning: it’s a little on the lengthy side.

Don’t worry though, I’ll be back later this week to write a unique, new, and sub-par entry.

With a blue apron casually slung around his waist, Peter Michaelidis wipes down the last table of the evening prior to heading home. His disheveled dark hair perches on top of a tired face as he slumps into a chair, absentmindedly watching the game on Sports Center. His weariness is warranted—he spent the day feeding swarms of drooling mouths before catering to two separate swim teams. Giving him the chance to temporarily prop his feet up, he savors the repose with a light-hearted grin. Even though he’s spent, his face never betrays anything but bright eyes and a carefree smile.

As he and a fellow employee volley absurd predictions about the football game, one last straggler shuffles into Boston House of Pizza and Peter resumes his position behind the counter. Dr. Don Lucas withdraws his hands from the pockets of his leather jacket and throws one over to Pete, an obvious invitation to shake it. He is a husky and balding trombone professor at Boston University who has been a regular customer at “BHOP” for quite some time. Professor Lucas chuckles giddily when he places his order of steak tips ‘to-go’, nostalgically remembering the days when Peter used him to test new food experiments.

“It’s always amusing to be his guinea pig,” the professor sighed in his Texan drawl. “When he goes off the menu, it gets interesting.”

Blushing a little, the cook tries to stand up for his culinary creations, but instead lets out his notoriously high-pitched giggle as a defense. Peter continues to chuckle as he prepares his prized steak tips and the two banter back and forth over the counter; their most amusing raillery focused on the temperature of Dr. Lucas’ bald head during the cold winter months in Boston and a haircut of Peter’s that went dreadfully wrong. Continue reading

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Resolving to Quit Resolutions

I spent the first day of the new year gettin all my lazy out and it was awesome. That meant that today, however, was supposed to be one of the unlazy variety because everyone knows that if you’re a slob on the first two days of the year, it’s gonna be a BUST. Okay no one actually says that but I’m sure it’s happened before.

Regardless, I didn’t do too much today either but I say “SCREW WHAT OTHER PEEPS ARE SAYIN”, this year is going to be good…I can feel it (amidst the interesting feelings provided by a mixture of salt and vinegar chips and taco bell that are currently saturating my stomach).

In an effort to be somewhat productive, I met with my friend Lala (author of an AWESOME blog entitled “Who Made You Great?” Read and enjoy.) at a nearby coffee shop to discuss our upcoming art show. That’s right, art show. Exhibit, if you will. If I say it here, it means I’m committing to it and I’ll actually have to produce. So yes, we’re having an ART SHOW on JUNE 4th. Venue TBD.

We met and discussed our visions, our styles, our abilities and our need to leave the mindset of “I’m thinking about doing this….” into “I’m doing it.” This is a want/need/desire I’ve had for awhile–to break out of the “do-it-tomorrow” attitude and just DO IT (thanks Nike). It feels good to have the support of a fellow artist and friend who is there to not only produce works of art herself, but to support me and help me along if I stray. (FYI Lala, you’re also supposed to support me and help me along if I stray, not sure if I mentioned it earlier.)

Just as a note, I don’t do New Years resolutions because I tend to fail within a very, very short amount of time. That whole “no coke product thing” never worked because of my somewhat severe addiction to Dr. Pepper. I still bite my nails. And exercise? Sort of a joke (although I AM determined to play tennis once the weather gets warmer ‘cause it’s actually fun). So I don’t want to consider Lala’s and my art show goal a resolution to paint more because I’d almost be setting myself up for failure.

The art show is, then, a date set in stone. If I fail, I will have to deal with the public embarrassment of being a failure. What better motivation is there? None.

So dear readers, go ahead and mark your calendars for June 4th. Either you’ll get to see some awesome pieces of art or you’ll get to harass me for being unable to complete ANYTHING.

Also, leave your email address if you’d like to be added to the “Save the Date” mailing list for the exhibit.


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The Ripping Point

There’s a time in every girls life when she realizes that having two pairs of pants rip in one month is a negative thing. Blame could probably be placed on thin fabric or frequent usage but we all know whose fault this really is. Thank you, Thanksgiving. Merry? Not so much anymore, Christmas. The result of over-eating and under-moving, the lethargy I’m going through is shameful.

There is, however, a ray of hope in my future. Thank goodness for my athletic father who never fails to make me feel like a big sack of lazy when he relates to me the stories of his tennis court domination. He has inadvertently inspired me to move again.

I have no desire to be the tennis prodigy that I’m sure he once had hopes for (which is good because my foreseeable tennis skills are already lacking) but I think that the effort could be rewarded. And even if that reward is the ability to walk quickly up a lot of stairs and not be winded, I’m happy.

Just like I’m trying to do with art, if I don’t publicize my attempt to get into shape then it probably won’t happen and I’ll just continue to sit here and fuse to my bed. No one wants that. So I’ve got some sweet new tennis kicks, an extra racket from my dad, fresh socks, about 6 cartons of tennis balls and no excuse to not be awesome. Well, I need to find a tennis court but all in time…can’t be too hasty.

In short, worry not, dear friends. Your beloved Morgan will not continue to expand and her pants will stay in one piece. I hope. No, I know. I know they will remain intact.

UGGGHHH commitment is hard. Support me in my endeavors.

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A Tribute

If he had a Facebook, I wonder what it’d be like. I wonder who his friends would be, if he’d consider himself in a relationship, what pictures he’d be tagged in, whether his status would be witty or if he’d give the annoyingly accurate minute-to-minute updates on the progression of his day. I wonder if we’d have many friends in common and what his “interests” and “hobbies” would be. How often would he change his profile picture? Would I Facebook stalk my own brother instead of calling to chat? …In the spirit of sisterly honesty…yeah, probably.

These are the thoughts that sting the most. Instead of simply remembering and enjoying the moments we’ve shared together, I can’t stop thinking about what our relationship would be like now and how his future would be shaping up–of where he would be and what kind of innocent trouble he’d be getting into. I’ve never known curiosity to be painful (except, of course, to that cat) but this feeling is a constant reminder of what we’ve lost and can’t have back. The memories feel inadequate and understanding how to live with that is something I don’t know how to do. I’m still plagued by the unfair.

Maybe it’s immaturity speaking and in a few years I’ll actually be able to celebrate his life without always feeling a guilt-ridden wave of anger. Of course, I hoped for the same revelation five years ago. Maybe I’ll be stuck in this fit of childish selfishness forever.

But then there’s the opposite, the positive. There’s the side that negates everything I just said and pushes me to write even after so many months of avoiding it. It’s the fact that he still inspires me–it’s been five years since he died and at the thought or mention of him I want to keep pushing in his direction. I want people to know about him even though he’s not here anymore.

I can’t begin to explain how all this works out in my head but it’s all there. The anger, the guilt, the pain and sadness…but also the inspiration and happiness that, in spite of the bitterness, comforts me enough to share his story with others. He’s a character that the world deserves to know and when I’m at my lowest, I know that I can depend on a picture of his goofy smile to provide me with enough inspiration to last the day.


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English for beginners

Since I’ve been quarantined, essentially, to my room to wait on student’s incoming packages (while they’re busy learning about crazy electricity theories and physics and stuff), I decided to make the best use of my time by exploring StumbleUpon. If you haven’t experienced StumbleUpon, then directly after reading this post you should google it and begin REALLY surfing the web.

Anyways, while stumbling I came across this really interesting article…after being in Germany for quite some time now and hearing all the different “American/English accents” produced by the English-speaking Germans, you sort of start to wonder how English sounds to non-native speakers…this website has compiled videos from people all over the world documenting their impressions of the English language. Not only is it (really) funny–all Americans sound like they’re from the south, you know, the best portion of the country–but also somewhat informative in that…oh hey, English isn’t the only language in the world. Eenteresting.

My favorites were the music video from the Argentinian band and the Bulgarian woman singing a version of Mariah Carey’s “Without You” or as she calls it, “Ken Lee”.

Now I will continue stumbling.

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Doing my part to preserve American Mentality

For those unaware, I’ve been bumming around Augusta for the past month or so. It’s been rather uneventful as I’ve had to undergo a tonsillectomy, one of the most painfully annoying experiences I’ve ever been through. Because of the intricacies of  throat healing that I know nothing of, I was resigned to my bed for a solid 10 days straight, only leaving to get the occasional “walk around the bed” bit of exercise.

When the wounds had sufficiently healed after the 13th day of recovery, I was finally able to eat somewhat solid food and hang out with folks without being drugged up. At this point, however,  I had only two weeks left for me in the good ol’ US of A. (Since I graduated in December, I’ll be going back to Germany to work for the study abroad program there for a semester before I have to deal with real world things. Should be tight, but I studied no German while home contrary to my pre-tonsillectomy plans and my job will be to take care of 40 college students who speak little to no German. We’ll see how this turns out.)

I have now 4.5 more days here in Georgia. As I was talking to a friend who currently resides in New York City, Andrew Imusthavecreditforeverythingisuggestorinspire Ford, an idea sparked. It’s not a very epiphanic spark, but one that inspired me nonetheless.

“Morgan,” said Mr. Andrew I. Ford. “You don’t have much longer in America. You should be sure to do things that you could only do in the United States.”

“Like what?” I ponder.

“You know, drink coke from never-ending fountains, eat doritos, fast food, ice.”

“You make a solid point, Mr. Ford, and I appreciate your concern for my American mentality. I shall do that. Tomorrow.”

And, well, tomorrow is today and I’ve kept my word. Since Andrew is in NYC, he was unable to assist me in my quest to preserve the American way of life in my habits and memory so I enlisted the help of two very close friends, Christa and Ryan. I didn’t really have any specific plans for the day or goals of what I wanted accomplished, but I brought along my camera in hopes that I would be able to capture moments that could only happen in America. In this entry (and perhaps some to follow) I will share some photos with you.

1) Mr. Pibb with ice. And free refills.

As you can see in the picture to the left, I am enjoying my choice beverage, Mr. Pibb. A delightful mix of carbonation and liquid cotton candy (at least to me), this drink comes filled to the brim with that American favorite, ice. And believe me when I say that although this may only be my first round of the soda, it will undoubtedly not be the last. And the rounds to come will assuredly be free. And honestly, what’s more American than that? Free ice and refills equals American democracy in my eyes.

    Continue reading


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    Morganizing Sentimentality

    This is a throwback.

    I don’t really write poems…you know, ever… but I came across this little diddy a little while ago while chatting with my best friend since first grade, Christa. It’s probably corny, but what can I say, Christa brings out the romantic in me and inspired me to share it.

    I’m sensitive so don’t make fun of me.

    The night sky provides a cushion
    for the sidewalk lights that
    push the pavement forward.
    Each step forward is a step up,
    a step past, and a step through.
    Each crack that passes under my feet
    is a way out–
    the solid resistance nudges them up
    and then gravity pulls them down;
    a cycle of ups and downs circles in my head as
    a parade of car lights
    sneak into my vision
    and then run away with
    the sound of an engine.
    Everything comes and everything goes.

    As the ground catches my weight,
    its permanence reminds me
    where I am.
    and I am here.
    as long as there is room to step forward
    I can

    An amber glow repeats itself as I walk
    and I watch as the alternate me
    sways beneath my stride.
    It stretches forward
    and then crawls far behind
    until my path is no longer lit.
    The night tests my ability
    to navigate with my head
    while following my heart.

    Simple steps added together equals a journey
    and my journey lies in my ability to


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