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The Ripping Point

There’s a time in every girls life when she realizes that having two pairs of pants rip in one month is a negative thing. Blame could probably be placed on thin fabric or frequent usage but we all know whose fault this really is. Thank you, Thanksgiving. Merry? Not so much anymore, Christmas. The result of over-eating and under-moving, the lethargy I’m going through is shameful.

There is, however, a ray of hope in my future. Thank goodness for my athletic father who never fails to make me feel like a big sack of lazy when he relates to me the stories of his tennis court domination. He has inadvertently inspired me to move again.

I have no desire to be the tennis prodigy that I’m sure he once had hopes for (which is good because my foreseeable tennis skills are already lacking) but I think that the effort could be rewarded. And even if that reward is the ability to walk quickly up a lot of stairs and not be winded, I’m happy.

Just like I’m trying to do with art, if I don’t publicize my attempt to get into shape then it probably won’t happen and I’ll just continue to sit here and fuse to my bed. No one wants that. So I’ve got some sweet new tennis kicks, an extra racket from my dad, fresh socks, about 6 cartons of tennis balls and no excuse to not be awesome. Well, I need to find a tennis court but all in time…can’t be too hasty.

In short, worry not, dear friends. Your beloved Morgan will not continue to expand and her pants will stay in one piece. I hope. No, I know. I know they will remain intact.

UGGGHHH commitment is hard. Support me in my endeavors.


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I sack-hopped like Santa Claus.

Dresden should be applauded for the incredible ways in which the Christmas season is celebrated. Why, you ask?

One word: Weihnachtsmannsackhüpfstaffelmarathon. No, seriously.

This is an event sponsored by one of the local student clubs, Bärenzwinger, that encourages members of other student clubs to take part in an annual Sack-Hopping Relay. Dressed as Santa Claus.

Starting the day bright and early at 9 am, the teams assemble in their respective clubs and begin migrating to the Bärenzwinger club in Altstadt, which is located right next to where the race is to go down. (Just as a time frame, sack-hopping teams start gathering around 9:30 or so and the actual sack-hopping extravaganza begins at 2. I’m going to reiterate here that this event happens in a park right outside of a student club…drinking is strongly encouraged and with so much time in between everyone’s arrival and the actual race, staying entirely sober isn’t often accomplished.)

In hopes of maintaining some form of grace in my mother’s eyes, I’ll assert here that I was not drunk for my sack-hopping debut…my stomach was already a bit unsettled and I don’t do well with alcohol before, say, noon. But I did witness everyone around me slowly, and in some cases quickly, drift off into oblivion (some of whom drifted so far off into that oblivion they were unable to finish their part of the relay on his/her own and had to be carried by hand and foot in order to pass the baton to me…I won’t name any names here, but it was Alex.)

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