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Morganizing Sentimentality

This is a throwback.

I don’t really write poems…you know, ever… but I came across this little diddy a little while ago while chatting with my best friend since first grade, Christa. It’s probably corny, but what can I say, Christa brings out the romantic in me and inspired me to share it.

I’m sensitive so don’t make fun of me.

The night sky provides a cushion
for the sidewalk lights that
push the pavement forward.
Each step forward is a step up,
a step past, and a step through.
Each crack that passes under my feet
is a way out–
the solid resistance nudges them up
and then gravity pulls them down;
a cycle of ups and downs circles in my head as
a parade of car lights
sneak into my vision
and then run away with
the sound of an engine.
Everything comes and everything goes.

As the ground catches my weight,
its permanence reminds me
where I am.
and I am here.
as long as there is room to step forward
I can

An amber glow repeats itself as I walk
and I watch as the alternate me
sways beneath my stride.
It stretches forward
and then crawls far behind
until my path is no longer lit.
The night tests my ability
to navigate with my head
while following my heart.

Simple steps added together equals a journey
and my journey lies in my ability to



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