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So what if I’m sketchy

People. Peoplepeoplepeoplepeople. They are everywhere, huh.

I took an art class last night where I drew some of these people. What’s special about the art class is (points fer yall who’ve been following along via facebook and know what I’m about to say) that it took place in a pub. A wonderful, dark, seedy, gritty, delicious little pub with stained glass windows, a bunch of nooks, a couple crannies (crannys?), and a man wearing a beret who played a card game against himself. And no, it was not solitaire.

You know what pubs do, right? Yeah, they serve you BEER and you get to DRINK IT and if you take this class, or just like to be weird on your own, you can SKETCH PEOPLE from a DISTANCE, all WHILE THEY EAT/DRINK/ARE MERRY as YOU are SIMULTANEOUSLY EATING AND DRINKING AND BEING MERRY. Excuse my somewhat excessive use of all caps but I can’t be the only person that gets excited about this. They call it “sketching” for a reason…because we’re effing sketchy. Continue reading


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